Free Zendesk NPS survey: how to set it up

Sep 8, 2018

If you use Zendesk we’re pleased to offer Plug in NPS for free NPS surveys for a limited time only. Here’s how to set it up to take advantage of the offer.

First, you’ll need a Shopify store since Plug in NPS is only currently available on Shopify. Don’t have one? Try Shopify here.

Then install the Plug in NPS Shopify app for free.

Customise the logo for your NPS survey email and the subject line and intro message. If you’re using it for both helpdesk tickets and orders you may want to make the subject general like ‘How was your experience with’.

If a customer orders and files a helpdesk ticket, don’t worry: they’ll receive a maximum of one NPS survey a month.

Select a timing option that makes most sense for your product and helpdesk.

Now open Zendesk. Go to Settings > Extensions > Add Target. You’ll see the screen below. Here select ‘HTTP target’.

Fill in the details of the HTTP target as in the screenshot below. Email help@pluginuseful.comto request your Plug in NPS API key and add it at the end of the Url form field.

Now we’ll add an Automation to tell the Plug in NPS target when a helpdesk ticket is resolved.

Select ‘Automations’ from the left navigation. Push ‘Add automation’.

Fill in the details of the automation exactly like this:

…and this:

Push ‘Submit’ and that’s it!

Now whenever your Zendesk agent resolves a helpdesk ticket your customer will receive an NPS survey from Plug in NPS one day later.

If you’d like some help setting up this free customer NPS survey for Zendesk and Shopify drop us an email at – we’ll be happy to help.

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