How Storelli use Plug in SEO to boost their SEO

Jun 28, 2019

With more than 100,000 Shopify merchants onboard with Plug in SEO, we decided to dig into how the app is working in practice. You’ve heard a lot from us about how great our apps are, but now it’s time to hear from some real-life users. We have some amazing stores using our apps and it’s really important to us that they’re working well and making a difference to the fortunes of Shopify merchants. This is the first part of an ongoing series celebrating our customers and their successes. Keep an eye on this blog for lots more in the weeks and months to come.

Storelli makes football/soccer gear for all ages/genders/skill levels, from your local amateur kids’ team through to signed-up professionals. They pride themselves on combining technical ingenuity with a dose of Italian-inspired design. Your shinguards need to protect your shins, of course, but looking good on the pitch is important too! We sat down with their Brooklyn-based marketing team to find out how they use our flagship app, Plug in SEO, to help market their products and grow traffic coming in through organic sources. Sports gear is a competitive market but they’re thriving, with at least a little help from Plug in Useful.

“Plug in SEO gives us the piece of mind that we’re on top of our SEO and focused on doing the things that make the biggest difference.”

Your SEO At A Glance

How do you choose what to focus on and when? We know Shopify merchants have a ton of sometimes conflicting priorities. More busywork, checking through endless checklists of SEO tweaks isn’t in anyone’s interest. The marketing team at Storelli checks in to Plug in SEO a few times a week to see if anything has changed. When you’re running a store with new products arriving regularly, new promotions and content being published, our at-a-glance dashboard shows a birds-eye view of what’s important to fix and what to prioritize.

“One of our favorite things about Plug in SEO is just getting an overview of what we need to focus on. Our team has a little experience in SEO, but it’s difficult to choose what to focus on and what to work on, when we have so many other customer marketing campaigns and initiatives ongoing.”

Actionable Recommendations

Not every team has SEO expertise in house. Storelli has a little in their team of ecommerce marketing all-rounders, but they’re are often juggling bulk emails, sponsorships, Facebook advertising and more. In the past, they’ve employed an external SEO consultant, but now they’re confident to manage ongoing SEO in-house. If bigger changes need to be made, users always have the option to hire an fixed-price expert from Blimpon.

Templating Options

If you run a larger store, with a wide variety of products, it can certainly take time to edit metadata for everything. That’s where our templating section can come in handy. If you have a dedicated marketing team polishing things, like Storelli, you can implement these yourself. But, if you need a little help, we’re happy to help Plug in SEO Plus users with customized templates. Just reach out to our friendly customer support pros and we’ll sort you out.

App Compatibility

While SEO optimization is obviously an important focus area for Storelli, Plug in SEO obviously isn’t the only app they have installed. They’re discovered along the way that not all apps play nicely together. At Plug in Useful, it’s really important to us that we’re part of a wider Shopify app development community and that we make sure our apps work well with as many themes, apps, etc. as possible. If you have any questions about compatibility, please check out or reach out to our support team.

“Trying out a new app from a less-reputable developer and it breaking your store is every shop owner’s worst nightmare. It’s important to know there’s good technical support and an established development team behind the app to figure out any issues quickly.” 

Shopify merchants big and small are using Plug in SEO to improve their search visibility

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