What are the best Shopify apps: our mission to make them

Aug 29, 2018

Ask just about any Shopify app developer if their app is the best and I think you know the answer! But what does ‘best’ mean to them? What does it mean to you as a store owner? As we develop our new and existing apps here at Plug in Useful we are guided by our mission:

“Our apps raise users up, empowering them with new knowledge and guidance, delivering the essentials required to get a task done. They assume no knowledge of a subject, coming with smart defaults out-of-the-box, presented transparently. Advanced options and learning are ready when they’re ready for them.”

You know that feeling when you install a new app and you have no idea what it has done, is doing and how to use it? Even if you start with zero knowledge, and our app deals with a complex technical subject like speed, we want our apps to never make you feel that way.

Our Shopify apps don’t just enable you to do something, they guide you in your choices so that you feel confident in what you’re doing. Help is available in the app and support on email too if you need it, but we want your experience using our app to be clear with a well thought out interface.

We think very carefully about how our apps should work by default so that you can benefit from our experience in working with thousands of Shopify stores. We have opinions about options and express them clearly, giving you the ability to accept them or to make a different choice if you’d like to.

That’s not to say our apps are simplistic… far from it! We’ve developed complex tech which pushes the boundaries of Shopify. Developers find our apps some of the cleanest, most robust and flexible to work with on the platform.

Don’t take our word for it, try the best apps for Shopify.

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