Shopify On-page SEO: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need To Boost Your Rankings

When a lot of people think of ‘doing SEO’ it’s on-page SEO they’re talking about - tweaking their page titles, meta descriptions and other pieces of their shop’s code to optimize its structure for search engines.It...

Shopify SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Find Keywords That Drive More Traffic (Claim Free Audit)

Let’s face it.

Running a Shopify store isn’t easy.

It is even more difficult if you are a one-man show and hustling your way through marketing, packaging, ensuring order delivery, and whatnot.

When your store is relatively new and small, you want to have those early customers fast to validate your product and idea.

You rely on Facebook and Google paid traffic for it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, when you are starting-off.....!

How Storelli use Plug in SEO to boost their SEO

With more than 100,000 Shopify merchants onboard with Plug in SEO, we decided to dig into how the app is working in practice. You've heard a lot from us about how great our apps are, but...

Shopify and Structured Data

What is Structured Data and why does it matter for my Shopify store? SEO isn’t the simplest of topics. It might also not be the sexiest sounding way to optimise your store. But it does work....

Why Blog For SEO On Your Shopify Store?

Let's face it, it's a very very small set of stores that have such a good blog that you want to subscribe to it and read it weekly. Most content is consumed on social media and...

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