Plug In Backup   


Recover from theme issues fast with automatic hourly backups.

Plug in Backup will automatically backup your shop’s published theme every hour. You can rest assured that any changes to your theme will be saved and any problems that arise can easily be undone. Roll back to a perfect, working version just one click.

Automatic, Hourly Backups

Any changes to your published theme will be automatically saved every hour. You can also manually backup your theme any time.

Easily Track Theme Changes

Stay in control of your theme by tracking changes on your theme history timeline. You can even add a custom note to manual versions.

Simple One-Click Restores

Easily undo any problems that arise in your theme. Restore your shop to any past version of your published theme with one click.

Powerful Features

* Paid Edition

  • Track Changes to Your Theme with a Clear Version History
  • Automatic theme backups hourly, when changes are made
  • See how many changes were made and when
  • Take Control by Creating Additional Manual Versions
  • Add custom notes to these backups to help you track of key changes to your theme
  • Create manual versions before and after installing a new app or having a developer edit your code
  • Easily restore your theme to the ‘before’ version if the changes cause a problem to your store
  • Restore Past Versions of Your Theme with One-Click

Free Trial

7 days

See just how easy it is to be secure

Try out our automatic theme backup solution for 7 days and keep your Shopify store in tiptop condition

Paid Edition


Super simple backup for your Shopify store

For just 7 dollars a month, you can get the piece of mind that any edits to your Shopify store can be undone with a single click. Don't put off those eager customers with a wonky shopping experience, take out some theme insurance!