About us

Hello! We're Plug in Useful. A small team helping shop owners solve their problems with useful apps and services.

We like talking to customers, listening and learning. At the same time we're clear in saying what we think and sharing what we've learnt: strong opinions, weakly held.

Aiza Leaño<br/><span style="font-weight:500">Helpdesk & Client SEO expert</span>

Aiza Leaño
Helpdesk & Client SEO expert

Aiza manages the helpdesk. She's likely the first person you'll speak to when you have a query about our apps.

She's worked on the SEO of hundreds of Shopify stores now, making her a leading Shopify Expert.

Anton Murygin<br/><span style="font-weight:500">Senior software engineer</span>

Anton Murygin
Senior software engineer

Anton engineers our apps, coordinating with QA to make sure we deliver the highest quality products to our users.

Loves art and science.

Daniel Sim<br/><span style="font-weight:500">Founder & CEO</span>

Daniel Sim
Founder & CEO

Daniel leads the company, keeping everyone focussed on our mission of producing really useful solutions to the problems that online stores have.

Aspiring sailor and guitarist.

Irina Gridina<br/><span style="font-weight:500">QA tester</span>

Irina Gridina
QA tester

Irina keeps our quality high, making sure our apps are well tested and solid.

When she doesn't work on making the app perfect she likes to spend time walking or reading classic books or fairytales to her kids.

Miranda Neerhof<br/><span style="font-weight:500">UX & Frontend designer</span>

Miranda Neerhof
UX & Frontend designer

Miranda creates simple, human-centred interfaces that provide our users with maximum value but require minimal effort.

When not designing, Miranda avidly explores her city and neighbouring countries. Having new experiences helps her gain creative inspiration.

Nadene Tesaluna<br/><span style="font-weight:500">Client project manager</span>

Nadene Tesaluna
Client project manager

Nadene manages client projects, making sure jobs are delivered on time with happy clients and experts.

Nadene loves to travel, gets excited about food and would love to explore the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.