Aiza Leaño

Aiza manages the helpdesk. She's likely the first person you'll speak to when you have a query about our apps.

She's worked on the SEO of hundreds of Shopify stores now, making her a leading Shopify Expert.

Daniel Sim

Daniel leads the company, keeping everyone focussed on our mission of producing really useful solutions to the problems that online stores have.

Aspiring sailor and guitarist.

Jay Liu

Jay wrangles frontend developments, creating beautiful and functional solutions to the hard problems of Shopify.

Outside of the virtual office, he's probably either practicing his karate moves or brewing some coffee.

Libby Yu

Libby is supporting (and cheerleading for) our customers, solving your tricky issues quickly with an infectious grin on her face.

Together with her 9 year old, you can find her camping, swimming and walking on the weekends. She believes there's a type of tea for every occasion.

Nadene Tesaluna

Nadene manages client projects, making sure jobs are delivered on time with happy clients and experts.

Nadene loves to travel, gets excited about food and would love to explore the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

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