A High-Performing, Inexpensive Yoast Alternative – Yoast vs Plug In SEO

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The most comprehensive on-page SEO app for Shopify

Plug In SEO is a powerful, all-in-one SEO tool that over 120,000 Shopify store owners trust every day. The tool has all the SEO strategy features you’ll ever need. With Plug In SEO, you can boost your Google ranking, bring your store more organic traffic, and manage SEO optimizations. Aside from coming with many features, this ideal Yoast alternative is also incredibly easy to set up and intuitive to use.

fix seo issues

Detect & Fix Important SEO Issues
Check your store and blog for issues with SEO, keywords, and broken links.

seo templates

Helpful, Powerful Templates

Our templates help improve hundreds of SEO page titles and descriptions at the same time, to optimize your store.

schema markup

Comprehensive JSON-LD Structured Data/Schema Markup

Supports product schema, rating & review, product availability, price, social profile links, SEO breadcrumb list, site links & more.



Google, Bing, Langify, Locksmith, Google Search Console, Judge.me, Loox, Stamped.io, Optinew, Rivyo.

google search console

Drive Traffic With the Right Keywords

Track your traffic analytics and rankings right within Plug In SEO with our single-click Google Search Console integration.

broken link check

404 Broken Link Redirects

Recover free traffic by finding & fixing broken links. Set up 301 permanent redirects in a single click.

Plug In SEO vs. Yoast

So, how does Plug In SEO compare to Yoast? Plug In SEO comes with everything you’d want and need from a quality SEO tool. This includes the ability to find and fix SEO issues, automatic SEO audits, and schema markup. And, Plug In SEO has additional features that Yoast doesn’t, like:

  • customizable templates
  • a broken link checker (this is huge for Shopify stores)
  • monthly speed reports
  • keyword check by page

Some Yoast users found that Yoast lacks automatic features, a before and after score, phrasing suggestions, and enough tutorials. Glitches and the constant need for updates were also reported from users of Yoast.

A top feature we offer is the SEO bulk editor, which lets you fix and optimize meta titles & descriptions at the same time. Plug In SEO offers a great user experience and also integrates with Google Search Console, offering you all the insights you need from organic traffic to make sound business decisions. And, the tool also offers helpful feedback to help you make better business decisions. For instance, you can set up alerts to remind you when it’s market-critical to blog, like every 4 or 6 weeks.

seo power tools

When it comes to value for money, Plug In SEO delivers much more than Yoast. This makes Plug In SEO a popular pick for store owners looking for the best bang for their buck. 

Check out the chart below to see how Plug In SEO compares to Yoast.


Yoast vs Plug In SEO Features

  Plug In SEO Yoast
Free plan  
Plus Plan $29.99/mo $19/mo
Structured Data (JSON-LD Schema Markup)
Bulk Edit SEO Data  
Detect and Fix SEO Issues including Links  
Built-in Google Search Console integration  
Multilingual – Non-English Language SEO
404 Broken Link Redirects  
Automatic SEO Audits  
SEO Reports  
Major Search Engines  
Shopify Product Reviews  
Google Search Console  
Customer support    
Dedicated support
Multilingual support
Training videos

Here’s Why Customers Prefer Plug In SEO

Shopify merchants save time and money with Plug In SEO, an affordable, user-friendly tool that helps optimize your content on search engines to drive traffic and boost sales.

prato botanico

Prato Botanico

5 of 5 stars

Shopify recommended this app to fix SEO issues and it has been a great tool so far. It gives great explanations as to how to fix certain issues, even if you aren’t tech-savvy, and because it is a “plug in,” it actually uses “fill in the blank” templates to automatically adjust your SEO in your Shopify site. Really helpful. Highly recommend.

fashion bug inc

Fashion Bug Inc.

5 of 5 stars

I have to say if you are having trouble with your SEO, or missing features in your store, well pretty much anything that you are missing this app will help you fix it. I said help you fix it not fix it for you, just follow the instructions and you are set, I couldn’t ask for more keep it up Plug In SEO.

charlie and fox

Charlie and Fox

5 of 5 stars

This app is super helpful with understanding and implementing SEO. I’ve been able to get a clear insight into how my SEO is performing, and optimise it with the help of Libby who was super fast and responsive to my queries. Highly recommend!

chic & raw

Chic & Raw

5 of 5 stars

I used the app to improve the SEO on our new store theme. It helped me fix multiple critical issues and also the descriptions gave us a better understanding of how the issues affect our SEO and also how to fix it. Definitely recommend.

It’s Easy to Improve Search Rankings with Plug In SEO

Plug In SEO is your ideal Yoast alternative if you want:

  • More for your money than Yoast delivers
  • A user-friendly tool that helps you boost your Shopify store’s SEO and fix technical issues
  • Built-in integration with Google Search Console
  • SEO data edited in bulk
  • Much, much more

Try Plug In SEO free for 14 days to explore our features for yourself. Save money and time as you discover a top Yoast alternative.