We’ve built our apps a bit differently. As developers, you’ll find that they’re more developer-friendly and much better for power users than the norm.

Plug In SEO Plus

Plug In SEO Plus comes with its own form of Liquid, allowing you to create powerful templates for SEO unavailable in any other app.

Plug In Speed

When Plug In Speed optimizes a theme, minifying Javascript and CSS, it respects developers. The original non-minified assets are left in place. Simply edit them and Plug In Speed picks up the change, minifying them automatically.

Plug in NPS

NPS surveys can be sent out easily a set number of days after an order is fulfilled. But if you need something else, we offer an API endpoint for you to trigger from whatever system you use.

Open source React/Rails base Shopify app

There are a few base Shopify apps available but many are missing lots of the basic pieces that every Shopify app needs.

We have an ambitious app release schedule and didn’t want to be held back by all of the boilerplate tasks, so we built our own base.

Oh, and we open sourced it. It’s actively maintained and could be a good base for your Shopify app.

Developer support

If you have technical questions drop us an email at

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