Plug In GIT   


Seamless Shopify and GitHub integration. Smooth git workflow.

Plug in Git is the simplest way to take control of your Shopify development process. Built by Developers, for Developers.

Easy setup with just a few clicks

Install the app, link your GitHub account and your current theme will be committed to git.

Automatic syncing every hour

Any new changes to the current theme will be committed to the git master branch every hour.

Full history of theme changes

See how apps have modified the theme, settings changes and what other developers have done.

Powerful Features

* Paid Edition

  • Simple, useful GitHub to Shopify theme sync
  • Built by developers for developers
  • Keep track of every change to your Shopify theme
  • Understand who’s edited what and when: apps, developers, etc
  • Extensive documentation
  • Friendly, helpful technical support
  • No more juggling obscurely named theme copies
  • No risk of overwriting the shop owner’s work
  • Super quick installation and linking in a few clicks
  • Automatically deploy changes every hour
  • Install the app, link your GitHub account and your current theme will be committed to git
  • Keep track of bugs and build a clean development and deployment process
  • Does everything Beanstalk does and more

Free Edition


Try us out and improve your dev workflow

For a limited time, Plug in Git is available free of charge while we test out our MVP. If you’re using Git and Shopify, tell us what you think - we’re always happy to talk Shopify development!

Paid Edition


Need something more? Get in touch!

If your development team or agency is thinking of using Plug in Git on a larger scale or if there are some essential features that are holding you back from adopting Plug in Git as part of your workflow, please send us a note. We’re actively developing Plug in Git and would love to have your feedback.