Plug In SEO   


Check SEO, fix & improve. SEO power tools for traffic & sales.

Get more traffic from search engines by checking for problems and fixing them using clear & powerful tools. If you’re looking to get more traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, Plug in SEO will help you appear more often in search results and improve your click through rate. We’re here for your SEO whatever’s right for your shop right now.

Do you want a free SEO app or a more powerful paid one? Do you want to do everything yourself or find an expert to do it for you?

Check For SEO Problems

Instantly find out important things to fix plus ways to improve your SEO all with clear, simple explanations and instructions

Efficient Power Tools

Optimize your entire shop using our unique, powerful SEO templating, JSON-LD structured data, broken link fixing, keyword targeting and more

We’re Here To Help

Helpful learning videos, detailed SEO articles and a responsive support team to help you get more traffic from Google and Bing

Powerful Features

* Paid Edition

  • Free installation
  • Works with built-in Shopify SEO features
  • SEO check and instructions for products, collections, pages, blogs
  • Keywords check and instructions for products, collections, pages, blogs *
  • Latest JSON-LD structured data added automatically *
  • Respects the SEO already set up in your Shopify admin
  • Powerful title and meta description templating *
  • Title and meta description editing for every, yes every, page on your shop including those not accessible to other tools like filtered collections, search and more *
  • ...we’ll create templates for you for no charge with our premium support *
  • Compatible with all of your apps or we’ll fix it for no charge
  • Image ALT text template setup for no charge through our premium support *
  • Broken links 404 checker and fix directions *
  • Detailed instructional videos *
  • Speed check and instructions
  • Blog check and instructions
  • Live Google preview
  • Advanced SEO features *

Free Edition


Unlimited checks and fix instructions

If you’re a scrappy, do it yourselfer just launching your store and looking to try out SEO then the free edition is for you.

You can check an unlimited amount of pages for SEO problems, speed and blog. Each check includes detailed fix instructions. We’re here on support to point you in the right direction to fix SEO problems and improve your SEO.

Paid Edition


SEO power tools and premium support

When you’re ready to focus more on SEO our paid edition, Plug in SEO Plus, gives you a solid SEO foundation, power tools to allow you to efficiently improve your SEO and premium support to get you set up and help you.

From when you sign up you’ll receive a sequence of clear SEO training videos showing you exactly, step-by-step how to improve your SEO.

You look your best in search results with our powerful templating engine that works with, instead of against, the built-in SEO features of Shopify. Tell us how you’d like your titles and descriptions to appear and we’ll code the perfect template for you for no extra charge.

Optional Expert Packages


Customised package suited to your needs

We’ve built Plug in SEO free and Plug in SEO Plus so that you can handle your SEO yourself or within your team. Detailed support comes for no extra charge.

But if you don’t have the time or don’t want to do some or all aspects of your SEO yourself we can connect you with an expert to improve your SEO, speed or blog. These fixed price packages and completely optional and complement both free and Plug in SEO Plus editions.